Cheeky to call BT infinity and Virgin Media fibre optic?

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Cheeky to call BT infinity and Virgin Media fibre optic?

Post by embleton » Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:20 pm

The broadband line to the premises with BT infinity is a twisted cooper pair from the local telephone cabinet. The broadband cable feeding the premises is coaxial cable with Virgin Media to their local cabinet. Both of these systems are advertised on TV as fibre optic, and I think it's a little bit cheeky that they get away with false advertising when neither is fibre to the premises (FTTP), but only fibre to the local cabinets (FTTC).

Do others think this is false advertising by the companies and government for super fast broadband to be referred to as such when they aren't feeding the premises with a fibre optic cable? And should the UK have invested in fibre optic to the premises before pushing and spending money supporting basically an outdated model and infrastructure?

VDSL2 does have its issues with stability when transmitting and receiving basically analogue digital modulated tones down twisted pairs at high frequencies, especially when the distance from the local cabinet is greater than few hundred meters, and thus maintaining the maximum speeds advertised.

Both Virgin Media and BT infinity provide little information on the maximum upstream speed before purchasing their broadband services, and it's especially important when running servers. When comparing both these services Virgin Media state they're the fastest, but this is only in respect of downstream speed, as their upstream speed is somewhat slower by a factor of four times or more, usually. What do others think about this practise of only stating the downstream speed when selling these services?

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