The Mars bar analogy.

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The Mars bar analogy.

Post by embleton » Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:19 pm

Publishing the delights of Mars bars, and product recognition does work in our society and nature, as everyone has heard of Cadbury’s. The dark side, lighter shades and creamy creaminess in the mouth that delights the stomach, what are these phrases but that to push richness into the pockets of the rich, but the emotional negatively with sugar is ever there and does this also sell chocolate, emotionally?

Fried Mars bars, those of varying flavours to get the energy bursting within the sportiness of culture, but is this good for our society to advertise to our mind, like drugs, instead of the healthiness of body, mind, consciousness and spirituality?

Does this bring into mind the shape and ripples on top of a Mars bar, of course it does, that is the whole point of advertising, visual representation within the inners of our skull; even the sexiness of running our bodies and fuelling it with a Mars bar are known, but is it true in reality the notion to degrees to take over our children's healthiness and also that of adults?

Do we care that these delights to the visual cortex and even to the sixth sense pleasurable invade the fabric of our structural and well based society, in the historical sense that its taken over the world? Does all such advertising in whatever direction make forever present consumeristic materialistic sense of the movement of society into disaster?

That is indeed the question; are TV, radio, posters, paper and magazine advertisements good for our society?

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