Social sharing advertising sites.

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Social sharing advertising sites.

Post by embleton » Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:29 am

Has anyone read these sites and their terms and conditions? Anyone signing up who wish to sign their life away to a social media site and the terms and conditions, absolutely amazing, it's damn right scary to read that the "company" almost owns your work and use in any way they like to enhance their revenue! Basically your an individual so you don't count, read further to find out what you did wrong.

Front doors so you have to create an account to view anyone else's stuff, that an individual actually copyright owns! Did that individual wish an almost paywall setup for their photos, stories, etc... on a social media site? I completely think that wasn't their intention in opening an account with a social media site or an internet connection in the first place? Is that the framework that the internet citizen wishes to use sharing their own copyright material?

The internet is a connected world of routers with computer clients consuming information or actually publishing on somebody else's environment so they "the company" can benefit from hosting it on their social system like facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc... and advertise to YOU.

Citizens it's better to do your own site and even host it yourself on your own broadband connection than sign yourself away to a revenue-generating advertising wheel.

What did the individual do wrong when subscribing to an internet service provider? For most of you, you have signed a contract to a dynamic internet protocol (IP) address, basically a non-fixed entity in cyberspace. You don't have a fixed home it's completely dynamic and useless for sharing one's interests, hobbies, photos and writings so that you own it yourself clearly and positively.

Basically, its a useless internet connection without static and a fixed home in cyberspace. Internet providers guilty of selling an unfit publishing service include the like of Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Sky, BT to name a few to the domestic environment and consumers!

Would you really rent a house in reality without a real address and its basically a mobile home service that rotates its identity? It's like roaming the streets without a home :!:

How do people contact you?

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