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Re: legallity of streaming content on kodi

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:25 pm
by embleton
The legality in the U.K. and elsewhere will come down to one point when streaming illegally hosted content, which is always illegal to host that copyrighted material.

That is, was the hacking done on your own, owned equipment; then its legal to stream it from anywhere, as you're done it for educational purposes and not copied or hosted anything. And you haven't gained by hacking outside of your own equipment to allow viewing by others commercially. Writing plugins that need installing and configuring by the end users, is a complex task, so it's good for our society to maintain its legality. <<< That's the point, the complexity must be maintained in installation and configuration, to ensure the end users gaining knowledge for the good of our society.

That's basically what educational stuff is all about, and that's good for the education of ourselves and society. If you hack on behalf of somebody else without owning the original equipment or security and support said equipment completely configured, then that'll be outlawed and will be ruled appropriately in the courts, in my opinion

An interesting thread occurred on the Sky forum about this issue, as soon as I meantioned its legal to stream content through the rules of the EU, it was immediately hidden from the forum users.

Writing articles about hacking is also perfectly acceptable, unless you're under the official secrets act :D

Re: Kodi open source media centre information

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 5:59 pm
by embleton
Judgement in Case C-527/15 in the EU it has become illegal:-

1. Selling preconfigured kodi boxes to watch illegal content; illegal.
2. Using a preconfigured kodi box for watching illegal content; illegal.
3. Using a kodi box to watch live content that is copyrighted is illigal (relay), without permission.

But configurating a kodi box yourself for watching content is legal, much as stated in my previous post. With the exception of a relay to illegal watch live content, such as a football match without permission.