Tor ideal to check connection issues with your servers

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Tor ideal to check connection issues with your servers

Post by embleton » Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:06 pm

Tor is an ideal environment for checking connection issues with web, ftp, sftp , etc... servers to and from your public IP address; from and to other countries to ensure they're not blocked, as the connection IP is external from your own. One does need another device for checking your own server in this case, but most individual with home servers do have multiple devices.

Do remember that if your checking some server services that passwords are unencrpted, like with ftp. And if you can access your servers from Tor there is unlikely any connection issues whatsoever to the wider internet to your servers.

For bypassing ISP or country wide blocks use Tor, but don't use Tor for downloading large files, as its not designed with this in mind. The latter is also the case with streaming films and TV programmes, use kodi for such tasks. For downloading a torrent meta file, then use Tor if you cannot gain access to these meta data files, but use BitTorrent for actually downloading the actual file or folder itself.

For settimg up a cheap Tor proxy a raspberry pi is good for such a task. Torberry is a nice gateway proxy package and easy to setup for the raspberry pi, one just burns an image onto a SD card and boot the raspberry pi then connect through its IP address on your LAN by manually setting the gateway and DNS on the device that needs access to Tor.

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