Sleep, Visions, Time and Experiences.

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Sleep, Visions, Time and Experiences.

Post by dave » Sat Apr 23, 2022 12:39 pm

Sleep, Visions, Time, and Experiences.

A story told to me. I have changed the names of the two people in the story to protect their identities. I need to write this story down after it came back to me last night in the early hours of the morning on Saturday 23th April 2022.

I Paul was in the bathroom on a normal day. I was standing looking at the mirror and Thomas who was facing the mirror was having a shave. Thomas knew I was watching him but for Thomas the event only lasted a short time. For me the event was for the whole time Thomas was in the bathroom.

I was then in the spirit watching Paul’s face in the mirror. The event lasted for all time and beyond. I cannot tell you everything that happened but everything in all time and beyond passed in front of my eyes in the spirit. This is some of the things I remember as I now write this story down. Thomas face started to change and was becoming younger. His skin was shining, and his eyes were changing from brown to blue. His appearance was starting to disappear like a ghost. In the real-world Thomas was still having his shave and I was frozen in time, and everything was at peace. To someone observing me it would have seemed strange in the real world.

In the spirit, time started to move forward starting in seconds. Time got faster a lot faster. Everything went forward in time from my real experience watching Paul in the mirror. I could see through Paul’s face into all time, space and beyond. The universe was beautiful. The lights came on and I could see every planet and star shining and reflecting every colour. It was Amazing. Paul’s face was still changing, and his face was changing into my face, but it was still his face. At first it was like I was now standing in front of the mirror and having a shave, but I was in the spirit. Now my face was becoming his face. His face was becoming my face. It was beautiful to watch, and I was Amazed. In my vision his face was becoming my face and the universe was watching in the background and was also changing and was moving in time.

His face and my face were as one but both of us were still there. Our face was brilliant and looked perfect. Everything was perfect in all time, space and beyond. At that moment I knew what it all meant, and it was fantastic. Everything happened in that moment in all time and beyond. All the books in the real world would not hold all that information but that is what happened.

That is my story. If your eyes are open, you will see but for everybody else you will be in darkness. Amen

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Re: Sleep, Visions, Time and Experiences.

Post by jo » Sun May 08, 2022 8:23 pm

l have enjoyed this story,and reminds me of Mark and you,as twin souls jo X

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