UHD TVs are they worth buying for the average consumer

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UHD TVs are they worth buying for the average consumer

Post by embleton » Fri Oct 23, 2015 8:15 pm

Numerous magazine reviewers state categorically that a UHD television that is less than 60 inches or so is a waste of money, as the viewer only has 20/20 vision and cannot see the benefits over HD at normal viewing distances. These reviewers miss the point that the better UHD resolution and design is perceivable by everyone that has viewed our 48 inch UHD Samsung UE48JU6445 television, so this clearly dispenses with the 20/20 vision argument even at distances of two and a half meters, so I state this categorically they are clearly blind with their inability to see with their own eyes the difference between HD and UHD resolution and picture quality of the two standards even with the smaller TV screen sizes (it's not remarkable but is noticeable), so their statements are amazing, to say the least. My eyes aren't perfect in my fifties but I can see the difference clearly between HD and UHD content on a 48 inch UHD TV at about 7 foot.

Even some reviewers are stating that they can't tell the difference between 720p, 1080p and 2160p; for god sake and bloody hell they really are stupid, blind and absolutely crazy to state such madness about the lack of overall quality difference between these standards, it's like stating you can't tell the difference between colour and black and white. Also, they seem to be missing the point about a pixel, it's not a single pixel it's three; red, green and blue that formulates a viewable quantity on the screen and they don't sit on top of each other. They really need to understand it's 3 colours that make up the picture and that's a great deal of difference in overall resolution, a reduction in fact, so their maths makes no sense whatsoever in calculating a viewable point. Clearly, they rubbish at understanding electronics, maths and have poor eyesight! Even one reviewer stated they'd never broadcast UHD mainstream, then why is BT now broadcasting UHD football matches on their UHD channel, reviewer wrong again! And as soon as an article starts stating a professor did the maths to justify their findings and we pay our taxes you know they've lost the argument....! And how on earth can one state that a 720p resolution TV looks better than a UHD TV, how on earth can anyone compare UHD content on a 720p TV that doesn't accept that source programme material at UHD standard!

It isn't the size of a pixel that produces the difference but the overall image with a UHD television that matters, for god sake nobody looks at a single colour pixel they look at the overall picture quality, not dots, and the populous can perceive jagged lines when they aren't vertical or horizontal in the picture when they should be straight. it's easy to see just use your eyes reviewers, even with the smaller TV screens it's perceivable this jaggedness on HD and not on UHD televisions with UHD programme content. It could be the fact that HD LED panels are less than they should be and UHD LED panels better, if that is the case then upgrading to UHD is advisable for better overall picture quality anyway.

The other matter they are stating that they aren't any standards, well HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 and UHD are standards in stone currently, so expressing that no standards exist is nonsense. We even have the resolution size in stone for UHD and that's one of the most important facts because it covers the resolution of media production and that's been around for years in the cinema environment, so that's plenty of material just waiting to be transmitted or mastered onto UHD Blu-ray media for the UHD players when they come out shortly or streaming UHD content over the Internet by the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and UltraFlix to name a few...

My advice, go out buy a UHD TV when you need to upgrade your TV because you won't be disappointed!

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