Technical Annoyances Rant (#1)

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Technical Annoyances Rant (#1)

Post by Paul » Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:42 pm

Printers have come a long way since the days I had to install and configure separate software for each application before it could use a printer. Nowadays one simple installation with a few clicks serves for theory.

Problem is all those extras which are supposed to help. Instead of one install and that's it, you end up with many different things installed, things which slow your PC by always starting whether you need them or not, things which might have their own problems, and only a vague idea of their purpose.

For example I have a wireless HP printer and the other day I wanted to scan a signed letter. When I tried this at the PC it tells me it needs something else installed. When I tried from the printer I get a message on the PC telling me it couldn't find the printer. Thinking I hadn't installed the appropriate parts of the printer software I went looking on HP's site. I couldn't find any reference to the thing my PC was requesting. I did find a "full install", but when I installed that it shows as the same "basic install" I already had. Then I find a diagnostics tool which is supposed to tell me what is wrong but says nothing is wrong. Then an assistant which is supposed to tell me what I need but says everything I need is installed. Then an update tool which is supposed to automatically keep my printer software up to date but does nothing for this issue. On the way I also pick up a browser, browser add-ons, feedback tool, photo management tool, HP supplies tool, and an HP account.

As an experienced computer user, I don't need additional software to help me use the printer software, or which gives me things not related to printing. And when supporting less experienced people, I see these "helpers" don't make it easier for them either. In the end they might choose the easiest solution of all - not bother using the feature or device. So, pretty please to manufacturers, K.I.S.S.

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Re: Technical Annoyances Rant (#1)

Post by embleton » Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:51 am

With HP printers that incorporate scanners a nice utility is available for iPad's that enables one to scan documents in an easy manner, do try it out it works first time and is what I use myself for scanning documents that need to be sent by email, etc... There is also an HP All-in-One Printer Remote by HP Imc in the Windows 10 App Store that enables scanning and converting to PDF files.

HP ePrint by HP Inc.

HP All-in-One Printer Remote from HP Inc. ... zdncrfhwlh

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