Crappy governments in the UK.

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Crappy governments in the UK.

Post by embleton » Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:53 pm

What is wrong with the people when they accept crappy governments continually, who don’t care a shit about the poor, disabled or sick they’d rather they die well the rich feed their bellies with the goodies they’ve got from the poor; they’ve got the people to misunderstand that they need to economise because of austerity! Wake up people, don’t hang about until it happens to you personally, as it will, do something about it by not agreeing with this shitty crap, and economising isn’t the way to go because you’ll be on the street staving!

We seem to forget that both the conservatives and labour are rubbish, for the labour bought in policies that the conservatives have actioned or brought to an all time low, with benefit cuts for the poor and working class, whatever position you're in real money in your pocket is reducing every day you live.

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