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Brotherly love and discrimination

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:58 pm
by embleton
Would you believe it, that those in the family are the biggest offenders when it comes to discrimination against their family members that are living with mental illnesses?

Six months or more the bombardment of harassments in the way I live my life has been repeatedly thrown down my throat. That person doesn't live in my house but is some three hundred miles away and through that distance, we use FaceTime to keep in contact. Repeatedly they state to do your house up, cook a meal, tidy up yourself. Do the back garden into a neatly organized straight line mowed grass garden with everything proportionally squared up, its good for you. Don't be lazy anyone can do it, you are physically fit; it isn't as if you don't have feet, eyes, blindness, broken legs, etc..., physical disabilities now they're the ones with real disabilities!

And then the straw that broke the back, last night, everyone is mentally ill they don't live your lifestyle or as good as. As though those who are living with severe mental illnesses don't count as having disabilities, everyone has those issue even though it's only 3% of the population that is in that category. It is the same throughout society, those who haven't experienced the pleasure of incarceration in a psychiatric hospital under a civil mental health section by those in our higher society that considered our actions to be dangerous to ourselves or others that lock us behind dark doors of doom.

But that I can live with, but the same from family members is completely unacceptable in a civilized society. They are the ones that actually call in services to lock one in that lifestyle situation when they, in fact, recommend the lock down into doom behind cold steel doors. And they state you're just like a criminal who doesn't care anyway, its as the right wing say you're lazy spongers who don't deserve anything but misery.

What crime did I commit to deserve this treatment?

Re: Brotherly love and discrimination

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:38 pm
by embleton
Said reply from the person concerned:-

"To those who liked Mark’s post

This is from Paul (said brother). As Mark knows, I don’t using Facebook anymore. But Sue (partner) uses it so I heard the gossip. I went to reply but doesn’t seem like I can ( I don’t know how to use facebook) so reply via Sue’s account.

We argued about two things: (a) whether his support worker should help him cook a meal sometimes (and in the past similar about the garden), and (b) about locking Jo out of the house v whether the police/social services acted OTT in that case.

Anyone want to venture an opinion on either?"

Re: Brotherly love and discrimination

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:02 pm
by embleton
Police over the top in their duties:

I don't need to defend myself, but I'll explain the occurrence so you do understand for you weren't there during the incident brother, and you don't understand the law! And this is what I can remember after many years...

Years ago Jo & I had an argument when I was suffering severely living with my mental health and having an episode during that year. In a spell of illness and an argument, I asked Jo to leave the house and she willingly left. This could occur to anyone whatever relationship status and their health during an argument.

That evening whilst Jo was outside she overreacted and got a neighbor to telephone emergency services, their request was the police attend the scene and not an ambulance.

The police arrived at the scene an hour later and with a discussion with Jo, they were going to take her to the police station and lock her in a cell. That did not occur and their request was Jo give them the authorization to break into my house, and she did not give said permission after they noted I was rocking side to side in a chair smoking cigarettes.

The police did ask an ambulance to attend the scene. But in the meantime, they knocked on my door to gain entry. I requested that the police move away from the door and I'd open it and have a talk with the officer. There were two of them one looking through my back window and another at the front door. The police did not move away from the front door but, instead broke the glass in the door and forced entry without my permission or Jo's.

The police dragged me from the chair, basically, assault in my opinion when I didn't leave the house with the ambulance team outside my house willingly but just remained seated.

With documents later I established that the police arrested me on a civil mental health section 136. A civil mental health section 136 gives the police permission to pick up a person from a public place and take them to a place of safety. It does not give them permission to force entry to a private residence, that necessities a civil mental health section 135 that needs an order sworn by a social worker for a warrant to search and remove a patient from a private residence, and they didn't have that warrant. The correct procedure is important, as social services or mental health services attend the scene and the patient is treated respectfully.

A complaint was filed with the police later after my stay in the hospital and an apology was forthcoming for the whole way that incident was handled. A complaint was also fired off to mental health services concerning none attendance at the scene, but no answer was forthcoming with the exception nobody was available.

Your stance that the police did act correctly and accordingly isn't at all factually based, or the reason the police offered an apology for the whole incident after the fact.


Support worker; while that person isn't a support worker they are a personal assistant and it is for me to decide their duties as I'm the employer, not you even though your intention may have been good ramming them down my throat isn't. What duties that person has may indeed include what you say but its none of your business what they do whilst carrying out their job. As for the garden they've chopped down trees but its still none of your business, and again I don't answer to you and neither does my personal assistant, no disrespect meant.

Re: Brotherly love and discrimination

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:15 am
by embleton
I didn’t mention your name on the post on my bipolar page and they do understand the argument about families, as some said they’d experienced the same. And that is reiterated throughout those living with mental illnesses.

And you are not arguing Paul, you are attacking me. I’ve not stated at all that you're a liar. Where you say I am, that is completely unacceptable. I’m not going to argue the point about secondary subjects that you are bringing up, they are not relevant to the discussion/argument. And those points have been aired with those concerned directly, and it wasn’t politely I can tell you that fact.

When I opened the original post on FaceBook, there were questions about those areas, and it didn’t mention your name. You assumed that those reading would know you, and they do now as you said it was you. And you showed your true colours by attacking the post itself, via Sue’s account. That is not wise at all. What issues do you have with the post? And bring up direct points.

Paul, you are not arguing or even debating, you’re attacking with their explanation without even explaining your position and why, what even gives you the right to do it that way? And you are saying you know better on how I should run my life and those living with severe mental illnesses, and my point that is strong to my heart is everyone has the right to run their own lives as they so wish, without being attacked for their own actions whether its good for their health or not as heard. That point I stand by throughout my life, don’t criticise others unless you’ve done it directly or in that position, so those concerned know the facts and can argue points. They can offer opinions, but not go red in the face and ram the points they think are right down the others face, when they don’t understand at all the others position, and they aren’t listening.

The bit about your family and Bristol I don’t understand well, I was only there occasionally and then I treated you and your family to good times or is that just bullshit and I gave you a hard times then? IIRC, one Christmas I bought your family presents, and good ones at that but clearly that’s in the past and I was manic! Clearly, I enjoyed myself at yours in Bristol, and I thank you for the experience, very joyful times in my life.

Have you been raided yourself by the police or have any direct experience with them, or was it as a bystander?

Re: Brotherly love and discrimination

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:19 am
by embleton
My brother Paul has said I'm a liar and a scumbag, etc... We have now ceased communication after an exchange by email last night and this morning after he had a right sulk and threw a tantrum.

I hate when family members think they have the right to a full explanation of events that don't concern them, so they can be judge and jury. But I provided the details anyway, and instead of being sympathetic they kick you in the teeth, absolutely proving discrimination. I won't publish his emails, but I will keep them forever in my inbox as I do with all my emails.