Sainsbury Energy Complaint

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Sainsbury Energy Complaint

Post by embleton » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:53 pm

In correspondence with Sainsbury's energy on their method of calculating direct debits, I replied accordingly!

I use a different method to calculate my annual usage and a monthly direct debit amount which is more accurate than Sainsbury energy method but is a little more complex.

I take a figure x that represents the number of gadgets in my premises from the previous twelve months. A figure y represents the annual consumption in kWh for the total gadgets, which is derived from the actual time those gadgets are on in a twenty-four hour period with the exception of lights, heating and cooling energy kWh.

Clearly, lights will be used less in the summer and more in the winter. But as this is the same across the year and averages. The figures make no difference but 3 minutes 56 seconds per day moving backwards and forwards depending on winter and summer solstice to a yearly figure. But I do adjust for leap years and leap seconds!

Projections of weather forecasts in my calculation use chaos theory when I plug figures in on the position of planetary bodies and use astrology. I use the actual planetary positions and move into the future across the sky and progress a future forecasted usage and compare them against a starting astrological chart at the beginning of the contract with the energy supplier, its end and quarterly periods in between for heating and cooling energy costs across the appliances.

The actual cost of energy in pence in kWh is based on figures provided by the energy supplier and their standing charge per day. These fixed figures do not change during the contract period because I remain on a fixed tariff.

I ask that your Sainsbury's energy method of calculating direct debits is not used in the future because you cannot provide a computer formula whereas I can in my forecast. Please contact me in the future as usual with your completely mad direct debit amount miscalculation and I'll set a direct debit amount accordingly using my own more accurate method and pay the difference at the end of the contract if I get it wrong by more than £5 debt.

Sainsbury's energy assurance that this will be done and my own method of calculating direct debits amount utilised would be more than appreciated.

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