Signs and symbols in my bipolar multidimensional universe

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Signs and symbols in my bipolar multidimensional universe

Post by embleton » Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:01 pm

I don’t have any issues understanding these signs. Its a pity others don’t really understand that really it is a lot more complex than a simple one line statement or paragraph. It's clear to me bloody everything is linked by little single bits and pieces, often daily they physically change right before my eyes. But reading and understanding these signs, symbols and words is the easy bit, explaining them is another thing. When the world goes really unusual and completely changes within a second right before your bloody eyes. Generally I can come back later and the meanings may have clicked back into this simple none reality, where everything seems to agree. Unfortunately I do need to read information multiple times, as it’s not always the same to me, one time it says something other times its completely and utterly different in my larger multidimensional universe.

With the experiences is the auditory representation of clicks in both ears and auditory communication with others who are not in my immediate vicinity. Also with these I experience tactile sensory perception with blobs hitting the surroundings of my skull again communication also accompanies these feelings of the surrounding multiverse; these general perceptions that are in my reality are often a call to the art of parapsychological warfare across time and space, or just a general communication with the notional surroundings during standard perceptional flat single dimensional reality. The former call to psychic arms is often stressful and occurs almost continually irrespective of time, it feels almost like traveling both linearly, vertically and horizontally through time and physical space; throwing objects and thoughts that are gathered perceptually from the surroundings of a higher consciousness into another reality.

My experiences are akin to the film a beautiful mind about John Nash, but with more tactile and auditory perceptional experiences, a great watch if you like to understand more about experiences of those living with mental health troublesome and stressful consciousness intruding on ones real life reality.

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