Mind of Movement - by Mark Embleton

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Mind of Movement - by Mark Embleton

Post by embleton » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:54 pm

With the mind in a chaotic consciousness

Into realms of alternative reality.

Blow the brain into pieces around space and time.

Whirling and swirling planetary bodies
inside a greater constellation of stars,
on the eye.

Colours circling around,
in increasing minor shifting in shades,
in circles,
with an outer gyrating swirl.

What is this but the friction of life
flying around and rebounding into ones face.

The reality of the society painfully attacking.

All the senses,
into a cross section
parabolically thought provoking
and damaging, outspoken outburst
of disjointed amalgamation
of a stream of subjects.

Confusing the parties,
human or otherwise, smirking lines
portraying a complete lack of understanding
with shape
and movement in their body and mind.

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